EGrasps – About Us

Our Aim

At EGrasps – Our enthusiasm

We are a few people at EGrasps, who are enthusiastic about writing posts related to finance, technology, lifestyle, and some trending new things.

We are here to provide you with new updates, which you might be looking out there.

Our Main Goal

Our aim at EGrasps is to provide good quality and updated information in ranging areas, from technology to finance and investment.

We are not professional financial advisors, but we write and give you the reason to start investing and look into your personal finance for only educational purposes.


You should always consult your financial advisor before starting an investment and other things related to finance.

What is our profession?

We are professional software developers, who are in the area of technology, and through our experience from the past, we learned about personal finance and investment, which we are sharing here.

Our main aim to spread financial literacy and to help people to be the change and not think as our earlier generation used to think about money.

We are here to change the Money Mindset

We are here to change the thinking of people about money. How should they think about it and how they can change their perspective on money and get money to work for them?

Every day people go to work, why? what is the main aim of going to work, You get paid right, you get money man.

So, we are here to write things that help you to build a goal and make a sufficient amount of money such that it can get there by your mid-30s or earlier and live a good life.

Also, We are here to spread the knowledge of technology and tools which are being used nowadays and which are very beneficial to us.

We are from the background of IT, so obviously we are going to write a lot about technology too. Related to starting your project to be a professional developer and much more.

Who we are?

We are from India. We are here to provide the resources which you might think helpful.

Jayesh Manani

Jayesh Manani is a professional Software Developer at one of the premium car manufacturing company in Germany along with pursuing his Master’s degree in Computer Science.

He built software for easy day-to-day life, and help people and organizations to give easy and reliable solutions which they can use efficiently to get their work done.

Jayesh’s love for analyzing data is tremendous. Good at Maths and Statistics, Use machine learning algorithms to build awesome solutions. I use Python and related frameworks to get things done.

He is also good at his finance, he keeps investing and motivating other people in the group to start doing so.

You can always follow Jayesh Manani on various platforms

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Uttam Manani

Uttam Manani is a student, who is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Cyber Security.

His love for coding, and being creative is marvelous. He actively keeps practicing a lot of stuff from graphics designing to coding. He also started saving & investing the saved amount from his pocket money.

Uttam’s thinking is that it is the best way to start using the money to work for him. By investing he thinks he can easily reach his goal by his 30s. And be financially free that much that he can afford to live without going to work.

You can always follow Uttam Manani on various platforms

LinkedIn: Uttam on LinkedIn

GitHub: Uttam on GitHub

Facebook: Uttam on Facebook

Instagram: Uttam on Instagram

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