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WhatsApp Pink – A Virus can Takes Complete Control Of Phone

A malicious link is being shared in WhatsApp groups for the last few days, which claims to change the theme of the chat app WhatsApp to a pink-color. In fact, that link is an attempt by hackers to gain control over a targeted device.

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An Attack to Your Mobile Device

WhatsApp users are under yet another malicious attack by perpetrators of nefarious activities online. The most recent threat comes through a link being shared on WhatsApp that can let hackers gain access to the device on which it is opened.

The new threat link is being shared under the name ‘WhatsApp Pink’ and claims that it can turn the theme of WhatsApp from its original theme to a Pink. I personally has seen many people forwarding the link in the groups without knowing the real purpose.

However, a cyber expert has warned that the link performs no actions as advertised and instead is a tool for hacker to gain access of the targeted device. The link can possibly locks the victims WhatsApp account or in some cases, their smartphones.

Experts warned that the link is enough to allow the hacker to gain full access to your device and its data.


Use Official Version Only

Needless to say, this is not an official update by WhatsApp and has only been created to dupe the audience into installing the malicious links. WhatsApp has often used as a playground for online threat perpetrators. Part of the problem is the unverified information that is easily spread through WhatsApp groups.

The most common safety tip you can follow at a time like this is not to click on any such unverified or suspicious link. Also, WhatsApp users are suggested to stick to the updates rolled out by WhatsApp only (through Google Play Store in Android devices and through apple store in iPhone devices) and not be on the lookout for any third-party modified apps for more features.

If you want more feature, you can always use their alternatives like, Telegram or Signal.

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