Important CPT Tips for SSC Cgl Tier 4 Exam

Computer Proficiency Test (CPT) is a qualifying examination conducted for the candidates who have successfully cleared Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III of the SSC CGL Examination. In CPT of SSC CGL, generally, three modules are asked. These modules test the basics of Word Processing, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel.

The candidates who successfully clear the CPT become eligible for the final selection. The candidates with the basic knowledge of computers can facilely clear the examination. However, 5-10% of the candidates still get eliminated in the CPT stage and lose their chance of final selection. So, it is clear that those who don’t take CPT seriously are the ones who fail. You don’t want to be part of this unlucky lot that gets eliminated in this last stage of the recruitment process. So, here is your guide to Ace the CPT Examination of SSC CGL.

Tips to prepare for Computer Proficiency Test of SSC CGL Examination

Word Processing/Typing: The first module test in CPT includes typing/word processing on the computer. The test is pretty easy as it requires a candidate to type a passage of 2000 depressions in fifteen minutes. Also, no formatting is required while typing the passage. However, the candidate not only has to type but also has to type correctly. Generally, up to 95% accuracy is acceptable in the typing test. Though the Word processing test is pretty easy but still requires a decent amount of practice. So, make sure you practice well before the examination.

Microsoft Excel/Spreadsheet: In this module test, candidates are given a printed sheet with the assigned guidelines to perform on Microsoft Excel. It is comparably a tad tougher than the Powerpoint or Word Processing test. However, you don’t need to be an expert in MS Excel to clear this examination, even basic knowledge will be enough. If you know simple Excel operations like how to sum a column in excel-You will score well in this section. So, focus on basic maths formulas and operations like addition, multiplication, division, subtraction, etc. However, you should try to learn a few more basic Excel utilities like creating tables, graphs, conditional formatting, and locking formulas. And advance arithmetic operations like how to use the average function in excel. Also, try to learn how to use percentage, profit, increase or decrease function in excel for better preparation. The more you will practice, the better you will perform in this module.

Microsoft Powerpoints/Slides: The third module of CPT requires candidates to work on Microsoft PowerPoint. In this module, a candidate is given a printed sheet with slides on it. The candidate is required to create the same sheet on MS PowerPoint within fifteen minutes. The task assigned in these modules is relatively easier than the MS Excel module. Candidates with general knowledge of the basic Powerpoint functions like creating slides, inserting tables and graphs, date and time, header/footer can easily perform well in this section. However, your performance in the examination can topple if you haven’t practiced well.

Take Away

CPT is relatively easy to crack as it is just qualifying in nature and tests just the basics of computer operations. However, you might be nervous about this module- given it is the last stage of the recruitment process. Such nervousness is common but can hamper our performance. So, if you haven’t practiced well, the chances are high that you might not perform well. Clearly, the final stages of exams give us more burden and stress. So, make sure you don’t take the CPT lightly and practice well before the exam. Just give a bit of effort for one last time in CPT and enjoy the fruits of your hard work throughout your life through high-paying CGL Jobs.

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